Up the Anty: 48 people will win prizes in our giveaway!


So as we announced yesterday, we’re having a bit of a contest. We’re giving away all sorts of things like free apps and accessories to people. One of the companies that graciously donated stuff was Griffin Technology. We knew we were getting some cool stuff to giveaway, but didn’t realize how much we’d be getting from them to give away. Well now we know.

We now have added the following to the contest:
iTrip Auto – 20
iTrip nano (1st gen) – 20
Vizor iPod Case (regular iPod) – 20

Yes…that’s 60 new items to giveaway!

We’ll be bundling the iTrip Auto and Vizor case together and then giving away the iTrip nano by itself. But what that means is we’ve now brought the total number of people who will win something to 48. Yes…48 people will win something!

Really, you have no excuse not to go join the giveaway.


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