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The State Of Magazine Websites

(via Buzzmachine) The Bivings Group, which earlier this year did a comprehensive review of newspaper websites, has done it again with the magazine websites: it researched the websites of the top 50 most circulated magazines in the U.S. and evaluated them based on the presence or absence of “various Web 2.0 features”, and came with the conclusion: not much yet.
— RSS feeds: 48 per cent of magazine websites.
— Message boards/forums: 46 per cent
— 38 per cent require registration to view all of the site’s content.
— 38 per cent of the magazines offer at least one reporter blog.
— Video is an offering on 34 per cent of websites.
— Just 14 per cent of websites use podcasts and bookmarking; eight percent allow comments on articles; and six per cent use tags.
Full report available in this Word document here. The chart below also tells a lot and compares newspaper website with magazine websites: