Sony Reader: compelling review but too pricey?

Sony_reader_openMobileTechReview turns the pages, er page, of the Sony Reader in their latest review and gave the device a solid four out of five stars. While reading the review, I was drawn to many of the features and functions of the device:

  • Relatively small size at 4.9 x 6.9 x 0.5 inches
  • Only 9-ounces in weight
  • Enough juice for 7,500 page "flips" on a single charge
  • 5-way directional pad for navigation

Unfortunately, I can’t see a need to spend $349 for the device for two reasons: first, it’s pricey for the functionality and second, the same functionality is available in my UMPC. Even if fairly compare the technology and say the Sony’s battery will last much longer (a very true statement), it’s much cheaper for me to carry a spare battery with my Samsung Q1 UMPC. I also prefer to switch navigation between a D-pad and a touchscreen, depending on my mood an environment; something you can’t yet do with the Sony.

While I applaud Sony’s effort here, I see limited success at best. I want to see standalone eBook readers for the masses, I really do. Let’s face it: not everyone wants to spend $500 to $1,500 on a laptop or Tablet PC to read eBooks because they don’t need all of the computing functionality that comes with it. I do need that functionality so I’d rather read my content on devices that can do more. Here’s hoping the next generation of Sony Reader comes in at or under $200. I can live without computing features, but not for $350. How about you?

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