Shapeshifter 2.4 Released, Now with Intel Flavoring

Missing OS 9’s appearance themes? Longing for the ability to tear your Intel-based Mac away from the horrors of the iTunes 7 interface? Well, today’s your lucky day, because Unsanity‘s Shapeshifter has finally come out of its seven-moth beta in the quest for Intel-compatibility, and after slaying the Rosetta problems many users faced, it’s looking better than ever. “It cannot be!” you might exclaim. Nay, it’s true, and below is a screenshot of my MacBook Pro, running ShapeShifter with the excellent dark theme Cold.


If black just isn’t your thing, there’s a slew of other excellent Shapeshifter themes out there, compiled for your perusing pleasure at InterfaceLIFT and MacUpdate, among other sites.

For the cheapskates among us, who loath even the most useful applications if they have a price tag, or those allergic to credit cards, there still is a way to have a unified interface for OS X. Uno, a name feared by brushed metal lovers everywhere (all two of them), is a great free solution to the problem of an inconsistent interface. Although lacking anywhere near the potential of Shapeshifter in terms of customization, Uno offers the added benefit of changing the resource files when you install it, rather than updating them dynamically, as Shapeshifter does. So for those of you drudging on from your Bondi Blue iMac G3, hoarding every last megahertz, this one’s for you.


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