Personal question: flat mouse or curvy mouse?


Actually, it doesn’t matter which you prefer thanks to Elecom’s M-D13UR mouse. The front of this rodent has a unique swivel head that rotates to make the mouse flat or curvy and ergo for you. The M-D13UR is wireless, so you can toss this in your travel bag and configure for the fit that strikes your current mood. The 800-dpi mouse can run for up to 202 days on the batteries; how they figured that one, I’ll never know. Elecom offers the mouse direct for 7,785 Yen, which comes in just under $70 US; sounds a bit much for a mouse, but for a mouse that can do Yoga positions, it might be worth it. Can your mouse do the "Downward Dog" like Elecom’s? Nah…didn’t think so.


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