Personal question: flat mouse or curvy mouse?

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Actually, it doesn’t matter which you prefer thanks to Elecom’s M-D13UR mouse. The front of this rodent has a unique swivel head that rotates to make the mouse flat or curvy and ergo for you. The M-D13UR is wireless, so you can toss this in your travel bag and configure for the fit that strikes your current mood. The 800-dpi mouse can run for up to 202 days on the batteries; how they figured that one, I’ll never know. Elecom offers the mouse direct for 7,785 Yen, which comes in just under $70 US; sounds a bit much for a mouse, but for a mouse that can do Yoga positions, it might be worth it. Can your mouse do the "Downward Dog" like Elecom’s? Nah…didn’t think so.

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Chris Magnusson

The perfect mouse is one of the three things I’m constantly lusting after. The other two are the perfect device case, and the perfect bag.

Anyway, just to pass on some further info, this mouse is also available in black or red, it appears to have a scroll strip rather than a scroll wheel, and there is a third button on the left-hand side so it looks like it is geared more toward righties than lefties.

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