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Loving Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

This isn’t exactly a full review, as much as it is huge Kudos to Mark/Space for their killer software, Missing Sync.

All the cell phones I’ve owned have been good enough to connect with my Macs right out of the box. Bluetooth on, and BOOM! Good to go. It’s been a luxury I’ve certainly taken for granted. So when my Razr began showing its age, and my company decided to go the way of Windows Mobile for our email on the go, I opted to upgrade to the hot new Samsung Blackjack. This phone completely rocks – Windows Mobile and everything.

I actually fought getting the WM phone, and considered the Nokia E62 with the Symbian OS. The Symbian Operating System is really nice, and I figured it would have a better chance at near painless connection with my Mac, as I’d become accustomed to. Unfortunately the sluggishness of the OS was more than I would put up with. So here I am today, with a MacBook and a Windows Mobile OS smartphone. Quite a predicament.

So my first connectivity test was getting Bluetooth to pair my phone and notebook. While it paired, there were no services what so ever that would allow the two new buddies to do anything together. Bummer. So a weak second try with the included USB cable obviously yielded a big fat nothing.

While I’d heard of Missing Sync in the past, I’ve never had a need to use it, and had thus forgotten about its important existence. A little Googling brought me to the door step of Mark/Space and Missing Sync. Missing Sync comes in 3 flavors – Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Sony PSP. I’m surprised there’s a Palm OS connection need, as I’d assumed Palm OS and OS X played fairly nicely with one another. But I suppose I’m behind the times on that. Anyhow. The Palm and Windows connections will run you $39.95 each, while the PSP is a bit less at $29.95. Seems a bit steep at around 40 dollars, but if you’ve absolutely gotta have the connectivity – as I clearly must – then it’s the price you pay.

So I’ve only been running Missing Sync for a couple days now, but so far it’s worked brilliantly. I can connect via both USB cable and Bluetooth, and the software makes available every inch of my smartphone’s inner workings. I love that. I even get daily reminders to sync back up – which for now is a welcome blip on my screen. Though I could see that getting old after a while, will have to look into turning that off possibly.

So if you’re a Mac-toting member but your phone runs Windows (or Palm, or you’ve got a PSP), don’t despair because Mark/Space has a great option for you to look into.

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  1. Peter Johnston


  2. Mike Scholl

    I purchased Pocketmac but the company is fraud, sent me a serial that doesn’t work and never responded to my emails or phone calls, i have field a dispute and will definitely sue them. Jut FYI so beware!!

  3. I have an iPaq 6945 and after a total disaster with PocketMac, The Missing Sync was my only option. The experience has been nearly as disastrous. Amazing to me these companies are still in business. There are pages and pages of things they admit don’t work and the tech attitude if it doesn’t is, well, tough luck. Also just recently got the Mac and really wondering what I paid for, other than a piece of Steve Jobs’ next boat. (oh, and if I really want to sync, I can buy an iPhone and buy him even more boat!)

  4. Nice synopsis. I’m in the same boat… going to pickup my Blackjack tonight. Can you comment on how seamless it was to get email on your Mac and email on your Blackjack to work?

    Are you using an Exchange server at work? Have you synced it with Pop or other? Any pointers?


  5. rich ailes

    I bought Missing Sync for Windows Mobile to get support for syncing my Entourage app with a T-Mobile SDA. Looks like the only product out there that attempts to work with Entourage.

    I have an old G4 PowerMac. I have had Missing Sync for a few weeks and have not been able to get my USB 2 card to sync with it. I have had success with BlueTooth (a D-Link add-on that oddly works with the same USB 2 card).

    On the software side, Missing Sync comes with a a number of plug-ins that cover things like Music, Notes, Tasks, iPhoto, iTunes, etc and a separate plug-in for Entourage that allows syncing with its Address Book, Calendar and Tasks. If you want to sync your Entourage Notes, you can try and use the added Mark/Space plug-in. The Entourage plug-in for Address Book, Calendar and Tasks works as advertised, but I have been unable to get the added Notes plug-in to give me what I want, which was the ability to read my collection of 800 notes on my PDA. The best the Notes plug-in could do was to dump all those notes into one folder on the PDA as separate text files, forcing me to get to them via the PDA’s file manager which became horribly slow due to the large number of text files it now had to deal with. I wound up deleting them all on the PDA and discontinued using the Notes plug-in.

    So I have gotten about 50% of what I wanted out of this software. Not bad considering what else is available out there, but wish it could be better.

  6. JKauzlaric

    Hey Nick-
    Was wondering if you were syncing up to Entourage. I don’t currently use iCal, because of Entourage syncing up with my works exchange server. It this will allow me to sync my Blackjack up with Entourage, that would be golden!


  7. I used both Pocket Mac and Missing Sync.

    1. Pocket Mac worked fine as long as I used it only to sync my PocketPc (Asus MyPal). Then I purchaased also the Smartphone version (to sync my Motorola MPX200), and nothing worked any more. I asked info to the support, but I never got a reply.

    2. I switched to The Missing Sync (by the way, THEY DO OFFER A TRIAL PERIOD OF TWO WEEKS). No problems at all to sync both devices.

    Bottomline: I would never buy again Pocket Mac (just wasted my money).

  8. well, i bought a copy and it won’t get past the registration screen. sent an email to support but no response yet.. also posted on their forums but no reply there either..

    will give it a few days but looks like a troublesome app, at least for me here.

  9. Hey guys, I’m looking into buying a pda, downloading the “quickbooks” synching program that I can do billing on it, and sync to the notebook…HOWEVER i have a mac, and have quickbooks for mac. Do any of you know if I buy a windows based pda, put this software on there, it will sync with the mac?
    and you are right, markspace should not bother putting a question/contact section since they DON”T.

  10. Nick,

    Are you able to tether to the Blackjack via USB using Missing Sync? I know it’s possible to do this with the Blackjack by switching USB to modem, but maybe it could be done with Missing Sync while in ActiveSync mode and thus being able to charge while you surf.

  11. This is great, i also own a windows mobile 5 device and wanted to be able to sync with my mac at work.
    This, albeit a bit expensive is great.
    The fact that it also syncs with osX apps like ical and the adress book is great.

  12. I’ve just recently converted to the Windows Mobile 5 platform with my new HTC Hermes from SoftBank in Japan (one hell of a deal too!). And while I did so with similar “religious” concerns, the Missing Sync has been 10% short of perfect for me. It syncs everything flawlessly, albeit slower than iSync did with my old Nokia 6680. However, the ability to actually USE my phone for everything I want to, without having to reboot the phone for every action makes it golden.

    Now if they’d only fix the issue I’m having syncing to the included Notebook app…

    However, I can heartily endorse the Missing Sync for anyone wanting a better phone experience. It only adds $40 to the cost of the phone, which is a drop in the bucket considering what these phones cost.

    And as to the PocketMac issue, after looking at their site, they don’t seem any more feature complete than Missing Sync is…

  13. Well PocketMac doesn’t currently support Windows Mobile 5 – which is what my phone is running. So I didn’t consider their offering.

    One thing I dislike about both options is that neither company offers a trial copy. It’s buy it or don’t. With the price tag as I mentioned being a bit steep in my opinion (pocket mac is $41 btw, for the Pro version), I’d at least expect like a 15 day or 1 sync trial or something. but didn’t see anything to that effect.

    Maybe once Pocket Mac starts supporting Windows Mobile 5 I’ll see if I can snaggle a trial copy or something so I can do a compare/contrast with Missing Sync.

  14. Nick, and what about PocketMac ?

    I do also have a Windows Mobile 2003 device and was trying to decide on what software to purchase between the two companies.

    PocketMac seems less graphically appealing to me, but more complete. Also, having written a request of infos to MarkSpace and having get back zero feedback i had a bad impression of the company.

    So, i’d love to read a software comparison in these pages if possible … will it be possible ?