Loving Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

This isn’t exactly a full review, as much as it is huge Kudos to Mark/Space for their killer software, Missing Sync.

All the cell phones I’ve owned have been good enough to connect with my Macs right out of the box. Bluetooth on, and BOOM! Good to go. It’s been a luxury I’ve certainly taken for granted. So when my Razr began showing its age, and my company decided to go the way of Windows Mobile for our email on the go, I opted to upgrade to the hot new Samsung Blackjack. This phone completely rocks – Windows Mobile and everything.

I actually fought getting the WM phone, and considered the Nokia E62 with the Symbian OS. The Symbian Operating System is really nice, and I figured it would have a better chance at near painless connection with my Mac, as I’d become accustomed to. Unfortunately the sluggishness of the OS was more than I would put up with. So here I am today, with a MacBook and a Windows Mobile OS smartphone. Quite a predicament.

So my first connectivity test was getting Bluetooth to pair my phone and notebook. While it paired, there were no services what so ever that would allow the two new buddies to do anything together. Bummer. So a weak second try with the included USB cable obviously yielded a big fat nothing.

While I’d heard of Missing Sync in the past, I’ve never had a need to use it, and had thus forgotten about its important existence. A little Googling brought me to the door step of Mark/Space and Missing Sync. Missing Sync comes in 3 flavors – Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Sony PSP. I’m surprised there’s a Palm OS connection need, as I’d assumed Palm OS and OS X played fairly nicely with one another. But I suppose I’m behind the times on that. Anyhow. The Palm and Windows connections will run you $39.95 each, while the PSP is a bit less at $29.95. Seems a bit steep at around 40 dollars, but if you’ve absolutely gotta have the connectivity – as I clearly must – then it’s the price you pay.

So I’ve only been running Missing Sync for a couple days now, but so far it’s worked brilliantly. I can connect via both USB cable and Bluetooth, and the software makes available every inch of my smartphone’s inner workings. I love that. I even get daily reminders to sync back up – which for now is a welcome blip on my screen. Though I could see that getting old after a while, will have to look into turning that off possibly.

So if you’re a Mac-toting member but your phone runs Windows (or Palm, or you’ve got a PSP), don’t despair because Mark/Space has a great option for you to look into.


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