Got T-Mobile t-zones? You might have unlimited Internet for $6


Tmobile_logo_1I can’t check this personally as I’m on the Verizon Wireless network, but if you subscribe to T-Mobile’s t-zones plan for $5.99 a month, you may want to read this thread at Howard Forums. For the past three weeks folks have getting unlimited Internet access via this twenty-cents-a-day plan. You’ll have to remove the proxy server from your device settings to test the theory, so have at it! ChipChick is wondering if this is a T-Mobile marketing ploy; it wouldn’t be a bad one: once you get hooked on unlimited (or not-so-unlimited) mobile Internet access, it’s hard to break the habit. Will they hook us ‘net-junkies and then pull the plug with a higher rate plan and proxy restrictions?


Art rando

I have a 3650 nokia with tmobile and would love to be able to occasionally check my email or look at google maps. Will someone please walk me thru or send me some links on how to do it . I see all of you happy with it but I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance.


now that I can surf without the proxy I can use applications like opera mini (great !), gmail java, google maps mobile, toonel on my T-Mobile MDA/HTC Wizard … that’s awesome :-)


Prices are dropping all over the place with t-mobile, not just in the United States. That’s because the T-Com (German Telecommunications), basically the parent company of T-Mobile, got into lots of trouble in Germany due to a lot of competition; they now have a new CEO. In fact, I just ordered a new flat rate offer that costs only 30 bucks a month for 3 phone numbers, 16 mbits speed plus hardware (wireless router, 4 phones). I’m sure T-Mobile will drop prices all over the world soon.


I’ve also been using T-Zones on my HTC Wizard for about a year. If you enter the proxy settings on your laptop browser you can use Modem Link and have $6 internet for that also. The only draw back I have found is that you get an error message that “the file is too large” when you try to download something (Your Podcast).


I’ve been getting unlimited internet through T-Mobile T-Zones for over two years. In fact it’s the sole reason why I use them ($5/month unlimited internet – it used to be $1 cheaper, and I’m granfathered in to that), otherwise I’d use something faster (likely Verizon).

I’m honestly not sure what is new here, or what part of this is news?


Just tried it out, and indeed the GPRS data plan can connect without using the “secret” proxy. Neato! :) However, while it’s cool that I don’t have to enter the proxy info when I want to connect to the web via GPRS, a) I don’t know how long this will last (hope the proxy doesn’t ultimately get shut down), and b) the connection is so slow that even though I may be getting unlimited data, I can’t stand to use it for more than a quick check of e-mail, or RSS feeds.

Haven’t tried doing any kind of video streaming (I’ve not yet tried Orb) or anything, but I don’t know if I really care about that. Sure, I record HD programming at home, but would I want to stream it to my PDA over a slow-a** GPRS connection (and would it look even remotely decent)? I don’t know about that. If I do watch videos on my phone, it’s usually netcast content I’ve downloaded.

I guess I’m not an uber-mobile-tech user… :D


I guess you are getting what we in parts of Europe already have for awhile.
A startplan for dataconnection.
Called Web ‘n’ Walk. It comes in three flavores. Two are already there in the US. Internet Only Plans $50 or $60.
In Europe we also have the startplan for €9,50 a month (in combination with a normal phone-plan).
But it is limited in speed (max. 64Kbits?) on GPRS/HSPA/UMTS.

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