Friday’s question: do you want console game titles on your handheld?


Pgr_1I was scanning my feeds early this morning and noticed some press releases over at MoDaCo, a fantastic Windows Mobile site. One of them indicated that "Project Gotham Racing" was finally coming to the small screen on WinMo; the original announcement was back in May. I’ve enjoyed (read: wasted) countless hours playing PGR on the Xbox 360 and while I love the game, I’m not so sure I’d want it or any other console games ported over to my handheld. I think it would make me less productive since I’m the type of gamer that will play for hours and then wonder where the time went.

Am I "all work and no play"? How about you: do you really want ports of popular games on your handheld or are you fearful of losing too many productive hours? It probably doesn’t help that I played 3.5 hours of Hexic HD on the 360 just before bed last night….no wonder I’m tired today! ;)



I’d love to see some well developed games that take advantage of the hardware. I was pretty bummed when I tried out many popular games on my HTC Universal and found out that they frequently didn’t support either the landscape screen orientation or the QWERTY keyboard. With all the great hardware on WinMo devices these days (VGA screens, hardware keyboards, network capable) you’d think they’d be making an effort to really make good use of these features to grow the platform.

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