Friday’s question: do you want console game titles on your handheld?

Pgr_1I was scanning my feeds early this morning and noticed some press releases over at MoDaCo, a fantastic Windows Mobile site. One of them indicated that "Project Gotham Racing" was finally coming to the small screen on WinMo; the original announcement was back in May. I’ve enjoyed (read: wasted) countless hours playing PGR on the Xbox 360 and while I love the game, I’m not so sure I’d want it or any other console games ported over to my handheld. I think it would make me less productive since I’m the type of gamer that will play for hours and then wonder where the time went.

Am I "all work and no play"? How about you: do you really want ports of popular games on your handheld or are you fearful of losing too many productive hours? It probably doesn’t help that I played 3.5 hours of Hexic HD on the 360 just before bed last night….no wonder I’m tired today! ;)


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