Free 60-day Office 2007 trials now available


Office_2007_1If you didn’t get in on the free Office 2007 DVD offer, no worries: everyone and anyone can download a free 60-day trial of Office. The OneNote Extensibility blog points us to the magic download page: just click here and choose the Office 2007 product or suite of your choice to test drive. I’ve been using the beta version of Office since May and it’s much improved. See for yourself over the next 60 days!


Dan Carter

I too am using the Office 2007 beta, I wonder if there are benefits to upgrading to the trial? Other than OneNote 2007, I’m not too impressed with the performance of the other Office components. Especially Outlook which I think is particularly sluggish. Maybe the trial, which I assume is based on the release version, solves performance issues.

Also, I’m rather underwhelmed by OneNote 2007 instant search. My experience has been that it is not instant, and maybe slower, than OneNote 2003 search.

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