eWallet 5.0 in open beta


Ewallet_5If you’re looking to safely store credit card info, passwords and other sensitive data, Ilium Software’s eWallet application is among the best. Looks like the best just keeps getting better as we got inside word direct from Ilium that eWallet 5.0 is coming soon and the public beta just started! If you want to participate, just hit up the beta link here and download the app for your handheld. This version supports Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 and up, including the Smartphone edition, as well as Palm devices running Palm OS 4.0 or higher. You’ll get to use the new app for 30 days at no cost and hopefully, you’ll find time to provide feedback to Ilium’s developers.

There’s a host PC component as well in eWallet, so you can easily add or edit data on the host and have it synch to your handheld. This time around Ilium wisely realized that some folks have companion devices like UMPCs and other Tablets, so you can actually synchronize your data across a network or via FTP!

Here’s a list direct form Ilium on the new features:

– Synchronize with as many wallets with as many PCs and devices as you want.
– Synchronize with servers and other PCs on a network.
– Synchronize to other folders on the same PC for automated backups.
– Synchronize to removable storage devices (USB, removable harddrives, etc.)
– Synchronize with remote locations via FTP.
– Built-in online backup/viewing capability through FilesAnywhere sync.
– Brand new sync setup interface.
– Full support for Vista and Mobile Device Center.
– All new icon set.
– Four self-installing icon packs (not posted yet!)
– eWallet Companion step-by-step help tool.
– Graphics, icons, and sounds stored in My Documents now making it easier to customize.
– "No Password Needed" wallet option.

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