Early Vista Tip #1: mod the shutdown button


Vista_shutdownAlthough Vista’s consumer release isn’t expected for two months there’s no reason not to build up the Vista tips now. Actually, I should hurry as I have a Windows Sidebar Gadget running a Vista countdown clock; looks like I only have 59d, 9h, 35m and 10 seconds…no 9…now 8….to get, find, and share some useful tips.

First up is a nice little shutdown configuration tip from Kristan Kenney. The default shutdown action for the red button I’ve circled in the pic is to put your computer to Sleep. I personally like that option and not just for my Tablet PCs, but my desktop too. What if you don’t? Well, you can navigate around in the Power Settings and mod the default action from Sleep to Hibernate or to Shut Down:


Kristan has the simple navigation steps, so head over and check ’em out. Don’t wait too long, just 59d, 9h, 30m and 50 seconds left!



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