Another Honcho Picks a Mac


Geez, I think I’m gonna start this as a regular sort of topic here at The Apple Blog. This’ll be the 2nd example this week of a business leader in a seat of power talking about their move to Macintosh computers (here’s the other from this week). Fellow Denver-based Apple blogger, David Chartier (of TUAW) made mention of a video interview with Pat Gelsinger, the General Manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise group. (Site is all flash, click on the November 30th Interview.)

It’s great when Mr Gelsinger announces his recent Mac purchase. Then another upcoming mac purchase for his wife. And it seems to get even better when he talks about using Parallels to run Vista…He’s not even going to run Vista on a separate tan-box PC, but stick solely with a Mac. Sweet.

Of course take it with a grain of salt. Intel and Apple are pretty buddy-buddy with the recent move to the new chips. So a move like this maybe doesn’t carry as much weight as a big-wig moving to macs with no strings attached. But it’s still impressive to hear, and another notch in this quickly growing belt of ‘people-in-charge’ choosing Apple computers.



Love hearing stories of corporate switchers. Many years ago, Qwest (then US West) bought many macs throughout their company..Wonder what the installed base looks like now?

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