Windows Vista Launches (Yawn)

Microsoft launched its new Vista operating system, Office 2007 suite, and Exchange Server 2007 today, for corporate customers. The consumer version is scheduled to be offered in January of 2007. Even if this were the consumer launch, would it matter to web workers? Is Microsoft still relevant to those of us who spend increasing amounts of time within the browser?

For the subset of web workers who use Mac or Linux operating systems, a new version of Windows won’t make any difference at all. Those who use Windows might look forward to the Flip and Flip 3D window management feature that’s part of the UI improvements and the security upgrades that should reduce malware infections. Vista includes Internet Explorer 7, so if you’re an IE user and haven’t already upgraded, that will certainly change your online life.

As new web services come online, I move more and more of my work off the desktop and into my browser of choice: Firefox. What about you? What desktop software and operating system capabilities still matter to you? What parts of your work life have totally migrated into the cloud?


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