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MSFT’s Vista Launches

Well, if only because most of us will be victims of this upgrade: Microsoft has launched its much-delayed Windows Vista OS (the business version), the 2007 release of Microsoft Office, and other new business software offerings. Not so much about integration with online, reports ReadWriteWeb…the closest Ballmer came to recognizing the huge importance of the Internet was the theme of “People-Ready Business”, which was couched in the usual Microsoft talk of enhancing productivity, unleashing potential, etc.
AP: The programs in Office 2007 have been overhauled in many ways. Generally they can make it easier for people to collaborate on documents and to manage information from multiple sources. Excel in particular packs a wallop, with vastly increased number-crunching abilities. The Outlook email program performs noticeably faster searches for tidbits buried in messages — and it can integrate voice mail and instant messages when used in conjunction with Microsoft server software.