LIVEdigitally: 15 computing experience enhancements for Microsoft


Ie_errorJeremy has a humdinger of a post with his 15 suggestions to Microsoft. Jeremy raises a good point: why do we have to wait for Vista to even hope to get certain simple upgrades? Ranging from simple productivity boosters to general common sense ideas, JT’s list is worth the read. Here’s a few to whet your whistle:

  • Internet Explorer should auto-correct domains – I know I’ve done my share of surfing to a .com when it’s a .org or I spelled "com" incorrectly
  • Duplicate contact resolution in Outlook – as a mobile warrior that uses some form of Outlook on no less than four devices, this would be a blessing!
  • Minimization of reminders and alerts not allowed – oh JT, we need to get you on the GTD bandwagon! ;)

Have a look at the full list and tell us what you think is missing or better yet: what software have you used in place of Microsoft’s that doesn’t exhibit these behaviors?

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