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KavaSoft’s iTunes Catalog Unites Your iTunes Library With the Web

If you believe that you have the most hip or most eclectic collection of music on the planet, then what better way to showcase your musical preferences than to let people scroll through your iTunes library through the Web, browse your playlists, or even see what it would be like to listen to your tunes on an iPod, complete with clickwheel?

KavaSoft’s iTunes Catalog makes it amazingly simple for any Web site owner, .Mac subscriber or blogger to replicate the iTunes experience, by offering an Apple-esque GUI to analyze your iTunes Library, collect album artwork for purchased and imported songs, and most importantly, post a near-identical copy of the iTunes Library on your Mac to the Web site of your choice. iTunes Catalog offers integrated publishing to .Mac, and can be tweaked to publish via FTP for those who prefer their own URL.

A screen capture of iTunes Catalog in action (on my library) can be seen below.

KavaSofts iTunes Catalog

From the screen capture, you can see iTunes Catalog, benefiting from the great wealth of metadata information Apple has built into iTunes, gathers track play count information, album info, genre, and even if you’ve deemed any songs worthy of the much-desired five-star label. After you have configured the program to post to your Web site, the program updates with single-click publishing, giving you and your Web site visitors an in-depth look into your musical psyche.

Think you have the ultimate music collection? Let us know. Download iTunes Catalog and post a link to your iTunes Library in our comments for us to praise your chart-toppers and mock your one-hit wonders.

13 Responses to “KavaSoft’s iTunes Catalog Unites Your iTunes Library With the Web”

  1. Chad, I’m working on a competing product that’s about to go into closed beta testing. It parses windows and linux directory listings as well as itunes xml. Email me if you are curious: philipppATgmailDOTcom

  2. “iTunes Catalog offers integrated publishing to .Mac”

    ^^ Where is the option to publish to .Mac? All I can see is a way to publish to a local http server or FTP.

  3. GC, I don’t believe there are any security concerns here at all. iTunes Catalog effectively takes a snapshot of your library and posts the image files to the Web. It’s a great implementation but doesn’t actually open your database to the outside world. Also contrary to some thoughts here, it does not play your music – it just shows it off, and lets you connect to the iTunes Music Store if you click on a song or artist.

  4. are you all crazy?

    you are opening up yourself to strangers looking inside your computer, potentially exposing all of your most private data files.

    a serious security concern.

    better be careful . . .