Got Skype? Version 2.5 was upgraded yesterday

Skype_2_5I’ll be darned if I can find a change log, but apparently those sneaky Skype folks put out an upgrade yesterday for the Windows client. I was rebuilding a Tablet PC today and of course went to install the free P2P voice client; sure enough there’s version that became available yesterday. Maybe it has 154 mo’ better features over version 2.5?

The quick and easy install still lets you make calls to any Skype user on a PC or mobile device for free, plus there’s the SMS, Voicemail and even inexpensive calls to any regular phone number too. It’s what Matt, James and I use to speak to each other during our mobile technology podcast, so how bad can it be? ;) Give it a try and Skype me or leave a voicemail. I’m "KevinCTofel" in Skype…I know, I know: how original.


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