French Documentary Maker Sues Google Video

Google and Europe somehow don’t get along. A few weeks back, Google got into a spat with a Belgian company. Now, a French documentary producer has sued Google, both in US and France.

Flach Film, producers of TK, a movie about George Bush and his family connections to Osama bin Laden, are hopping mad over their copyrighted documentary making an appearance on Google Video France, where users could stream and download the entire film for free.

Judge GevelFlach Films in a strange twist, believes that since the movie was viewed 50,000 times, it has been download that many times as well. Google Video does not display the number of downloads.

While their contention of copyright infringement makes absolute sense, their contention that everyone who viewed the film online would have paid for it otherwise is illogical at best. The French have little or no love for Google, and a ruling against Google Video would not be good for the search giant.

Foreign content often makes it way onto Google Video site. In the past, the Indian movie industry has been a vocal critic of Google Video.


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