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Dow Jones Retools: Newswires To Handle Breaking; Reporters To Focus on Blogs/Podcasts Etc

This is the first batch of changes in Dow Jones sprawling news gathering operations across various properties, following the re-evaluation of the company’s news production efforts to reduce duplication, among other things. Now, according to a memo posted on Romenesko, following will happen:
— A new group has been created, based in Harborside, to coordinate new coverage, headed by Jeff Sutherland. He will report to Bill Grueskin, managing editor of
— Dow Jones Newswires will write and handle all breaking news stories for itself, WSJ print and starting in January.
— reporters will focus on “tasks more geared to the online world” — blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, and additional sidebars or other elements that add to readers’ understanding of business and world news. Online editors also will contribute frequently to the editing of spot news.
— WSJ print reporters will focus their “efforts on interpretive and longer-form journalism”…however Journal reporters will remain responsible for their companies and industries. They will be expected to follow announcements and conference calls, to read the stories produced by the new desk and to look for ways they can add real value or analysis.
For the implications of this, I will ask more questions on this to Gordon Crovitz, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, president of the Consumer Media Group (overseeing print/digital WSJ, Marketwatch, Barrons) and EVP-Dow Jones, who will be our speaker-guest at the ContentNext Mixer next week in NYC.
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