Cingular get the Pearl for the holidays


Cingular_pearlI just received word that Cingular is now offering the Blackberry Pearl.  The Pearl is definitely a hot Blackberry and in my opinion the first one that truly looks like a phone.  Remember, I said that’s my opinion so don’t shoot the messenger.  Cingular is including some special services for the Pearl:

  • Cingular Push to Talk service- allows users to stay connected with individual colleagues or friends, or set up groups for broader communication
  • TeleNav Maps™, a free application pro
    viding access to non-GPS static maps and step-by-step written driving directions
  • GPS turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving directions on the BlackBerry Pearl with TeleNav GPS Navigator™ (Bluetooth GPS Receiver accessory required)

You can see the full press release here and check out the Pearl on the Cingular web site.

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