Ask Sam: you could win a Samsung Q1 UMPC


Samsung has put the holiday marketing in to high gear with this marketing site specific to the Samsung Q1 UMPC. The approach is appealing: you can question "Sam", played by a huge, fluffy dog wearing a Q1 around his neck. Sam will then tell you about the Samsung Q1 UMPC based on your question, provide specs, etc…all in all, a fun interactive approach including some funny videos. The shot above is from one where an airplane traveler struggles to use his bulky notebook in the cramped seats and has to pass up on the free coffee. Sam shows him what he’s missing by not using an ultra-mobile PC.

If a cute canine doesn’t do it for you, Samsung ups the ante by giving away two Q1 UMPCs each week for the next three weeks! I also noticed that Samsung is throwing in their USB keyboard with a travel case when you order a Q1. Special thanks to Chris for the heads up!

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