Update on the free Vista and Office DVDs: it’s for real

Vista_logo_1We’ve had several comments around yesterday’s "Freeware of the Day"; several folks are skeptical if the offer was real. In case you missed it, here’s the gist: register on-line, participate in 3 webcasts or video labs and you get a free DVD of Windows Vista Business andor Office Professional 2007. Many folks thought the deal was a phishing scam, which is understandable. Here’s an update courtesy of Windows-Now to set your mind at ease as well as to explain the tax implication:

  • According Mark Brown, a Microsoft employee in the Developer & Platform Marketing area, the deal is legit. Here is a quote from the Microsoft Channel 9 blog: "?Its for real. This thing is a marketing campaign of mine and is targeted at developers who are willing to watch 3 or more webcasts (each) to get either a copy of Vista Business or Office Pro."
  • Tax implications: since the combined value of Vista and Office is over $600, it is considered a taxable event if you receive both DVDs. If you participate in just one of the two offers, there is no tax implication.

Hope this helps; now if they can just get keep the servers up and running, we’d be in perfect shape!

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