Verbatim CD-Rs go gold, er vinyl


VerbatimvinylThey say everything comes full circle. Take these Vinyl CD-R discs from Verbatim: we’ve moved away from vinyl albums in favor of 8-tracks (well, they don’t really count, do they?), to cassette tapes, to Compact Discs to digital MP3 files. Here we are back again in the land of vinyl!

These 700 MB CD-Rs don’t have any other special qualities other than the premium price: a 10-pack goes for around $12, i.e: more than an album purchase from an on-line music store. I know the purists will tell me: "but you can hear all the data the way it was meant to be heard"….right. Gee what’s next for retro-tech: the Beatles on iTunes? ;)



These have been around for at least 4 or five years. I currently have the French Cast of Les Miserables (Trema 1992 recording) on a set of these. They definately look pretty cool, and I agree, I’ve had the urge to throw them on my turntable. I’ve resisted however.

Anton P. Nym

I really should go on Google News to see if anybody’s dropped one of those on a turntable… “Eh? What? These new-fangled 45s sound TERRIBLE!”

— Steve

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