The New Browser ‘War’?

A couple days ago I began to write about this post by Zeldman. But then I saw it referenced in another place or two, and thought it not significant enough to devote my time to when a couple others already had. But this thing just keeps popping up, and it’s got me thinking again.

A while back I wrote about my indecision/inability to stick with one browser for an extended period of time. I’ve been stuck in a fun-house style loop between Safari, Firefox, and Camino for far too long and I’ve yet to ultimately declare a firm winner (by my personal preference).

I guess I shouldn’t be all too surprised that Safari seems to get the nod from the Apple community – it’s even in black and white just to the right of this post, where you the readers have spoken and show Firefox as second fiddle to Apple’s browser. But yet when I use it on a regular basis I still run into little things that cause me to go back to Firefox or Camino. I just can’t stick with it for my full-time browsing needs.

So I guess, more than anything, I’m curious to hear what it is about Safari that causes you to choose it over its competition. (For me, Firefox 2 has a lot of thing very right, and I am high on the plugins again…not to mention it makes things easier going between a single browser on my work Dell and my home MacBook.) I wonder if you use different browsers for different tasks: General browsing/email in Safari, Downloads in Firefox, etc, etc. Or are you strictly a one-browser user?


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