Soyo FreeStyler HS11: wireless headset for music and phone


Soyofreestylerhs11I wish every digital audio player would come with integrated wireless capabilities; those earbuds on the iPod and Zune are nice, but the cord always gets tangled. Even better yet, if I had a wireless headset for my music, how about adding a microphone so I could use it for my Bluetooth phone as well? Looks like SOYO did just that with their FreeStyler HS11. No worries if you don’t have integrated Bluetooth in your phone or MP3 player, SOYO even includes an adapter that adds wireless freedom to your device!

Mobility Site has a full review of the $179.99 offering and gave the HS11 a pretty positive overview. $180 is bit more than I’d like to pay for this type of gear, but it does solve that tangled cord problem. The HS 11 supports both the A2DP and AVCRP Bluetooth profiles: other than new Scrabble acronyms, this means the HS 11 provides high-quality stereo sound and can be used as a Bluetooth remote control for supported devices. Check out the full review to see how the HS 11 works in real-world scenarios; either that or keep waiting for Bluetooth support in your iPod!

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