Nokia, Yahoo Team on Mobile Messaging

Nokia has partnered with Yahoo to offer Yahoo Mail and Messenger on cell phones that operate on Nokia’s Series 40 platform. Some of the mobile messaging startups we’ve written about recently might be in for trouble if the handset makers and carriers start to do more of these messaging deals with the Yahoos, AOLs, Microsofts and Googles of the world. Nokia has also partnered with Yahoo and Google on other mobile offerings before.

Nokia emailed us and said:

Nokia hasn’t regularly taken these steps to accommodate a particular Internet based service, choosing instead to allow third party software providers to make their products available to consumers after the phones are already sold.

While mobile messaging, both email and IM, will show a lot of growth in the consumer market over the next few years, it might be hard for mobile messaging startups to find a good business model. While the carriers and handset companies relax a little and do more of these deals themselves, a lot of startups are going to be cut out. We were just talking to a VC that stopped looking at pitches for mobile messaging because there’s no money to be made.

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