Marc Orchant- what’s in his gadget bag


At jkOnTheRun we’re always interested to hear what others are carrying in their gadget bags and even Kevin and I have been known to share that information from time to time.  My good buddy Marc Orchant is off on a trip to Amsterdam and I was delighted to see his blog post today detailing what he’s carrying in his bag.  Biggest surprise?  The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, a device I never thought I’d see Marc use.  Check out his list and see what is hitting Amsterdam this week.


Lorie Ghamy

And in his gadget bag for the return from Amsterdam ???

A niche pouch of local magic mushrooms or herb for laughing ?


Interesting to see….We do not normally see a “gadget Guy” carrying a Paper Journal and an old fashioned Book, what are those things???

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