Hi, I’m Richard, and I’m a Macoholic

Cult of Mac How many of you Mac users out there have ever attempted to persuade someone to Get a Mac? How many of you have ever engaged in a debate or argument with a user of a certain other operating system over the virtues of your respective OS? Quite a few, I might guess. How about this: how many of you have ever been coaxed to convert to Windows? Anyone? Yes, you there, in the back, how did that conversation go?

“Look at this nice Toshi-”


As a preacher of the merits of a Mac myself, with a few notches on my belt at that, it’s interesting to see how people feel about such things in their life. In the ever raging operating system debate, Mac users often try to convince family, friends, and even strangers on online forums to convert to our beloved OS X. However, the flip side is rarely true, the times I’ve seen a Windows user try to convert a Mac user are few and far between (as well as unsuccessful).

Gaming consoles are another area where people are fiercely loyal, the difference in that case being that there’s more equality, both among market shares of the three gaming giants, as well as fanboyism of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft users respectively. However, have you ever tried to convince a friend to switch from Crest to Colgate? Have you ever extolled the virtues of Nike over New Balance? Methinks not.

Just what is it about certain things that make people so protective of their selection? Perhaps the underdog status of Apple make people question their decision, when so many others choose Windows, therefore leading them to bully others so that you know your decision is right. Maybe you’re ecstatic with all the benefits switching to OS X has given you, and you want others to feel the same way. But even if those hot new Adidias sneakers improved your mile by 5 seconds, you probably aren’t jumping to make the rest of the world choose your brand of sneakers. If your Nova Scotian Christmas tree lasted six weeks longer than your previous, Ireland-grown tree, you don’t seem to be causing Nova Scotia gross domestic product to even budge. But if you got your hands on a coveted PlayStation 3 (and aren’t a scalper), I bet you’ve been flaming away at the Sony haters online.

(EDIT: Fixed an error differentiating between two growth regions of Christmas trees)


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