GTDTracks: a hosted Getting Things Done service


TracksAre you a fan or recent convert to David Allen’s "Getting Things Done" methodology? Would you prefer a hosted service to help with GTD so you can access your projects and to-do’s from any web browser? If you said yes to both of these questions, then GTDTracks might be for you.

GTDTracks is a hosted version of the Tracks software that helps you live the GTD life and be more productive. The Tracks application is built upon the Ruby on Rails platform; so if you’ve got the technical smarts and equipment to install and run it, you’re all set. If you’re not, you can pay a nominal $1.49 a month for a hosted Tracks service through GTDTracks.

The first month is free and you can close your account at any time for a full refund of any remaining months in your term. I logged in as a demo user and found the service to be very effective and responsive; I also liked the ability to get an RSS feed view of open actions to create an almost real-time to-do list view. Hmmm….a $1.49 a month to help with productivity? I’d say it’s worth at least the free month trial.

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Alan Enid

I still prefer It’s more flexible and superfree

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