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Google Shuts Down Its Google Answers Service

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At least in one arena, Yahoo is way ahead of Google, and hopefully this will force Google to do a rational rethink of its services portfolio: Google is shutting down its Google Answers service. The company has announced that new questions won’t be accepted after the New Year, though the site will continue to let people view the question archives. But as Danny writes, “killing off Google Answers might ultimately be a way for Google to relaunch with something fresh and radically different. We’ll see. Killing it off remains far better than leaving things like Google Voice Search still up with a note to ‘check back in a little while,’ when it hasn’t run for years.”
Yahoo Answers was launch early this year, and has caught on in a big way, much to the surprise of everyone…Yahoo has now rolled out country specific version in UK and other places.
Updated: FT’s Tech blog lists some of the other possible Google services that might be shut down..speculation on their part. It includes Google Video: “Sorry, guys, but we just don’t buy the idea that you’re going to continue to pump money into Google Video now that you’ve snapped up YouTube. If we had to bet on one project to be next to go on the block, this would be the one.” Makes sense.

2 Responses to “Google Shuts Down Its Google Answers Service”

  1. Simple Guy

    I have been raised on free stuff on Internet but I will be the first to admit that sometimes there is just too much information. I ask questions on Yahoo Answers and similar "free" forums and the silly answers put me off. There is no incentive for the experts to answer on free websites.

    At times like these, I wish I could pay a few bucks if an expert would READ MY QUESTION and give me an answer or a solution that's right for my question, not just generic stuff available in Internet searches.

    I finally found this service called da Gurus ( I can best compare it to eBay – where eBay is for products, da Gurus is for answers, solutions and services. I can post a question for free and then the Gurus (Experts / Professionals) on that website bid / quote their prices. I pay only if I select a winner and accept the answer. I tried it a few times for my DIY projects on gardening, furniture, accounting and taxes. It is amazing. Here's how it works –

    I thought of coming back and sharing it with the fellow die-hard Google Answers fans.

  2. Several dozen former Google Answers Researchers are now providing paid answers at

    Hundreds of questions have already been asked and answered, at prices from $5 to $200. So, despite Google's exit from this market, we believe that there is still plenty of demand for a quality paid research service.