Dailymotion Details Not So Murky


A Forbes article today touts French video site Dailymotion as the recipient of much of the the copyrighted content recently driven off YouTube. That’s pretty accurate; Dailymotion is home to a lot of unauthorized videos. But Forbes treats the site as if it’s some anonymous black market enigma. “Its executives couldn’t be reached for comment, and its business model remains a mystery,” writes Andy Greenberg.

With all the effort that went into this article, we’re surprised Forbes couldn’t get Dailymotion or its investors to pick up the phone. Dailymotion has raised $9 million in venture capital from Partech International and Atlas Partners. That’s definitely publicly available information; it’s listed on the companies’ websites and mentioned specifically in this BusinessWeek profile of Dailymotion from earlier this month.

We dropped a quick email to Partech principal Michael Brown to ask about what Dailymotion was doing about unauthorized content. He replied, “Management is very focused on the issue and is making lots of progress to sign deals with copyright holders. In addition they are evaluating some technology to help automate the process.” OK, not a ton of detail… but something to work with. According to the Dailymotion blog, the site has 1 million registered users and saw 7.5 million visitors in September.

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