CorePlayer Media Player gets an upgrade


Coreplayer_1With several years of iPod hype and more recently, the Zune touching down, it’s easy to overlook digital audio playback on a handheld device. Actually, with the watered down version of Windows Media Player for Windows Mobile, it’s even easier, but that’s another post for another day. Enter CorePlayer Media Player from CoreCodec; if it’s not the best media player for Pocket PCs and Palms, it’s a safe bet to call it "top-five".

Pocket PC Thoughts mentions that CorePlayer 1.0.0 was upgraded to v.1.0.4. There are a ton of changes and feature updates here; the main ones being support for older Windows CE devices, an equalizer function, new 3D skins, and a playlist manager. CorePlayer supports various music and video formats, as in just about any you can think of. The software costs $19.95 and oddly enough, I didn’t see a trial download, which is typically normal of mobile device software. One other note: Symbian support is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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