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BitTorrent Does Studio Deals; Delays Launch; Possible Big Funding Round

BitTorrent, the commercial version of the P2P swapping software, is on the slightly-vaporware PR offensive again: it has done deals with 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Kadokawa Pictures USA, Lions Gate Entertainment, Starz Media and MTV Networks, for its service which has been delayed from this fall to February. The latest deals with Fox, Paramount, broadens BitTorrent’s library of licensed digital content. This follows earlier deals with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and other independent studios in May. The company has finally launched a new site, showcasing the content it already has.
No one has yet demonstrated the move from free P2P swapping to a legal model, so no saying BitTorrent will be able to do it. but the VCs certainly seem to think so…GigaOm reports that it is closing on a big venture round, of between $15 million-$25 million. Founder and current CEO Bram Cohen being replaced by a more seasoned manager, and apparently have hired a head hunter, to lead the search, the post says. Expect some other P2P deals to happen as well soon.
More details on the studio deals here.
NYTimes: BitTorrent’s partners will upload authorized versions of their TV shows and films onto the network. No pricing details have yet been announced. Files will be protected by Microsoft

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