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YouTube Does A Deal With Verizon For Mobile Video; The Futility Of It All

So the reports were true: YouTube has cut a deal with Verizon Wireless to its videos on VZW subscribers’ phones: customers who use Verizon Wireless’ V Cast video and music service will be able to access some of YouTube’s videos from their mobile phones, starting next month. This is an exclusive deal with VZW, though the companies didn;t say for how long (this is similar to the Helio-MySpace deal, where the exclusivity period has ended or near ending).
Only pre-selected videos will be on mobiles…Users are also be able to upload to YouTube after shooting video on a Verizon phone. As I have said before, I am not a fan of such exclusive mobile content deals…in the long run, they end up hurting the market more than growing them.
Also, Rob Pegararo has a hard hitting column on the foolishness of mobile operators in doing such adeal, and missing the big picture: “No single programming department can outstrip the creativity of the entire Internet. When carriers limit the choice of programming to whatever sites or services can strike the best deal with carriers — wriggling past the usual palace guard of marketing reps and lawyers — they weaken the entire appeal of phone video…Imagine if Web video had been limited to whatever table scraps the movie studios and TV networks were willing to throw online, without any competitive pressure from upstarts like, for instance, the YouTube of a year ago. That’s the basic model of mobile-phone video as we know it.”
HR: In addition, Verizon has inked a separate deal with ABC to air a shortform spinoff of the primetime hit “Ugly Betty.”..VCast also will be home to a mini-telenovela inspired by “Betty” called “Vidas de Fuego,” or “Lives of Fire,” that is featured on the series. “Fuego” also will be available on beginning today. Its VCast debut will be Thursday.
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2 Responses to “YouTube Does A Deal With Verizon For Mobile Video; The Futility Of It All”

  1. The Youtube/Verizon deal speaks to the potential/excitement of getting user-generated content on mobile phones in the US. However, as the article correctly points out, the service fails to offer what made Youtube so exciting online — the ability for users, not programmers, to determine what their friends view and virally share on their mobile phones.

  2. I couldn't agree more. It's a sad continuation of the opeartors' myopic market-view, and if you're YouTube and you're serious about wireless, why would you cut out over half of the US market (and in theory half their audience) with this kind of deal?