What is Your Favorite Notebook Screen Size?

In the past 4 years I’ve gone from the 17″ PowerBook, to a 15″ Powerbook, to a 13″ MacBook. Each time I’ve upgraded the system, but clearly downgraded the display size. I get by because of the 20″ LCD I connect to on my desk at home, so the shrinkage hasn’t been as difficult as it may seem.

The speculation from Insanely Great Mac, that 15″ MacBook Pros may be dropped from Apple’s Pro line of notebooks makes me wonder how people feel about the size options that Apple offers in their notebook line. They observe the drop in cost on 17″ LCDs as an indication that Apple may just go with the 17″ MacBook Pro rather than continuing the 15″ version.

My knee jerk reaction was to blow the idea off and call IGM crazy. But the more I think about it, the more it makes some sense to me. The features in the MacBook Pro (15″) are very similar to those found in the MacBook (only in 13″ currently). So a 15″ MacBook model at say, a $1799 price point could make a big difference for a lot of prospective buyers on the lower end. And based on Apple’s clear division (since the Intel move) of their notebook lines being split up by size, the likelihood of the 15″ version of the MacBook Pro slipping out of sight seems pretty legitimate.

But while I can see some possibility in a move like this, I can’t help but feel the 15″ MacBook Pro model is one that people would be a bit sore at losing. 17″ of notebook is a bit much, especially when you’re carting it around in your bag, walking all over a city for your job (been there, done that, have the traps to show for it…). Losing optional sizing in the Pro models could very well put many consumers off.

How would a shift of this nature fly with you?


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