TVersity: mobile streaming and transcoding


Tversitygui_psp1I noticed this press release last night from TVersity: apparently their product is a media server for your home than can transcode video from one format to another on the fly. I’ve used something similar for my Xbox 360 in the past but TVersity grabbed my attention with the mobile functionality. I’ll admit I’ve only scanned it, but if I’ve read the product information correctly, TVersity can stream content to a number of mobile devices including cell-phones, the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and even the Sony PSP; basically, if you’ve got a browser and a web connection, you can access your media.

Since the Xbox Live HD videos are taking a few days to download, I’ll have time to look into this in greater detail over the next few weeks, but thought to mention it now. TVersity is a free download and supports Internet media content through RSS, so if you want your media delivered to you, you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out.

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