New TV Replaces Standard TV for Some (Well, Duh)


According to the BBC and ICM, some 43% of UK respondents viewing online video or mobile video content at least once a week don’t watch as much “standard” TV (if there is such a thing anymore) as those who do not partake of online video or do so rarely.

In the survey, one in five people who watched online or mobile video at least once a week said they watched “a lot less TV.” Another 23% said they watched “a bit less,” while just over half said their TV viewing was unchanged.

But for a distinct 3% of avid online viewers, that way to the eyes inspires them to watch more regular TV.

That appears to make sense. There seems to be an implication here that online and mobile video fans have either made a conscious decision that they are too busy to sit down in front of the TV and be couch potatoes — or that the standard TV fare, which, with the exception of satellite TV, can offer far few channels than in the U.S. — isn’t sufficiently eclectic to hold their interest.

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