The State Of Blogging In India According To MSN India Visitors

MSN and Windows Live have released a report called Blogging India, based on a sample size of over 1000 visitors surveyed at the MSN India portal. From

– 76 percent of total bloggers are men
– 54 percent are between the age group 25-34, 32% under 25 and 15% over 35.
– 58 percent of bloggers started to express themselves, while 40% to entertain others
– 47 percent of blog owners said that they most enjoy expressing opinions

What I found most interesting? That blogs by business leaders (unspecified) and politicians (24%) were of regular interest to bloggers. From what I’ve come across, business leaders in India are blogging in their individual capacity, not as representatives of the company that they work for. Business blogging is yet to take off…one brand manager for an F&B major told me just last month – who’s got that kind of time to blog, leave alone spending on marketing online when advertising on TV gets me a quicker response and reaches a larger audience?
All I can say is – someone is going to take that first step, and then you’ll have to follow suit or lose out.

I’m trying to get a copy of the Blogging India report, and we’ll upload it for you if and when we get it. Do send it across if you have it. Until then, you may also glance through this Pew Internet and American Life Project report on Bloggers.