Ring! Ring! Opera Mini 3 brings RSS to your cell!


Word on the street was right, Opera Mini was just updated to version 3 today and know we know what the new features are for this fantastic cell phone browser. The latest functionality additions include:

Rss_feedsRSS support: Opera Mini will show you an RSS icon if you browse to a page that offers a newsfeed. Selecting the feed subscribes you to the content and the browser will retrieve stories for you as they become available. Clicking an RSS newsfeed title will take you directly to the content webpage using Opera’s small-screen rendering format.

Photo Sharing: Using the camera in your handheld, you can now take pictures and use Opera Mini 3 to upload those photos to a blog or forum.

Content Folding: Navigation and long lists on websites will automatically be collapsed to save on screen space. These will appear as a "plus" sign to indicated there is collapsed content; to expand the list, simply select the "plus" icon for the fully extended list. If the list is longer than the vertical screen space, a scroll bar will appear to aid navigation.

The list continues but these were the functions that I think improve Opera Mini 3 by leaps and bounds over its already solid predecessor. Opera is bringing in features that were only available on smartphones and applying them to standard cellular handsets; all for free! Here’s a tour of the full feature set. If your cell supports Java (which a good many do), you owe it to yourself to check out Opera Mini 3.




Will Opera Mini 3 work on the xv6700? Have your or James tried it on yours? Thanks

Patrick Ferran

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your insights on mobile technology. I noticed your own comment of this morning (RSS to IM / SMS) to Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post on how to sift through loads of RSS information. And I read the release of Opera mini 3 for RSS on cell. Managing loads of information requires process (i.e. Marshall’s work flow) and sometimes efficient tools, for instance to detect only what’s relevant in lots of RSS feeds. A first filtering may help identify topics of interest. If you can select a range of RSS feeds then define your subject with keywords (e.g. “opera mini” or “RSS reader”, etc.) then be warned each time there is a match on your cell using an RSS reader, this is another alternative to SMS. And we provide that at http://www.blastfeed.com. Ready to further discuss that. If you are interested you may also try us, just drop your email at the above address. Thanks.


Lots of complaints of problems on Palm devices (especially, the Treos). I tried it on my TX and it causes it to reset (mostly) any time I try to actually go to a web site. It’s basically unusable for me.

The Opera developers are hinting on the forums that it’s an issue with the Palm JVM. So, if you have a Palm device, caveat emptor.

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