Place your bets: what device is arriving today?



Hmmm….my favorite visitor, Mr. FedEx, is stopping by today. What could be on the truck? I’ll give you a hint or two: it’s mobile, it’s new, and I haven’t seen anyone else get their hands on one yet. Have at it in the comments while I go dust off my front porch. We treat the FedEx folks real-l-l-ly nice at my house.



At 9lbs of weight, I’m voting its the printed copy of the Windows XP EULA…


Figure the outer box, inner boxes, and packing materials weigh about 2-3 pounds or so. Manuals, cables, discs, etc. probably another 1-2 pounds? We’re looking at something in the range of 4-6 pounds. Certainly within the range of a decent tablet slate or UMPC. A convertible tablet might be pushing it, but not out of the question. Can’t wait to find out!


It’s an asus R2H i bet… mine is coming today but it weighs 9.9lbs… maybe mine has .9 lbs of awesome accessories they only send to canadian customers…

Demetri Poulos

Well, it has a reference (PCS)Kendrick and it originated in Houston, Texas. Could it be a uber cool mobile device that James built in his spare time (between midnight and o’dark hundred)? Or perhaps it is Flash along with 7lbs. of Texas’ best barbecue!


It weights 9 lbs, yet it’s mobile? I guess you’re going back to the “since they weighed 30 lbs” days :)

Michael Venini


Nah, it’s either a box, or perhaps a swerve, a envelope.

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