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TK, a TK-based company well known for making HD set-top boxes, has the right idea: an online service that allows users to watch HDTV channels from around the planet over the Internet. The offering, seems like such a clever idea, except there is one problem: there is not much content to watch just as yet.

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Chris Tew of PVR Wire had tried the service, but he was disappointed that there were only 150 or so English language channels, and only a handful in HD.

Tew pointed out that that in order to get the service to work on a PC, you need to download “a lengthy form” and then installing  awfully clunky software that may or may not work. How’s that for a ringing endorsement? The service for now works only on TK browser on Windows XP, (CHECK.) Since we are not brave enough to try it, we are taking Tew’s word for it.

“I like the idea of this but MyTVPal fails in so many ways to offer a good service,” Chris writes. “The amount of VOD content is extremely slim and there was no VOD content I could recognize, paid or free.”

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