Jobs Aggregator Sets Up Shop In India; To Invest $3 Million


Hong-Kong based job search portal was officially launched in India last week. It aggregates jobs from various web sites including company pages, job boards, recruitment agencies, newspapers, and classified listings. The site claims to have added 200,000 listings in the last one month.
They have job listings from Naukri too. I do remember Naukri taking Bixee, a jobs aggregator, to court sometime back. They wanted Bixee bot to stop deeplinking Naukri site. I wonder what would be Naukri’s response to this. also plans to invest $3 million for setting up a development centre and also for expanding in India. It will invest $1.5 million to set up a software development facility cum sales and marketing office in Bangalore, which will be operational by the end of the first quarter of 2007. founder is Maneck Mohan.



This is totally insane to invest millions for a jobsite, this is the worst industry to enter now, higle over crowded. I too agree that that Indian always try to cheat foreigners on some point, all the existing jobsites are in big lose and they will remain in lose only till they are live for sure..And this ‘Browse instead of search’ funda, I saw on around 4 years back when I was a fresher searching for job, I exactly remember the same punch line ‘Why Search, Just Browse’ by this website firstsalary and timesjobs is copying it now after 4 years….Ha ha…

Svi Poslovi

There is a jobs aggregator specially designed only for Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.). It's minimalistic, it's interesting. Take a look.

saugata mukherjee

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Maanav Shah

Timesjobs and technology…lol [:p] heheheheh…good joke.

It makes sense for an agregator like Bixee to do whatever he is doing because its almost a one man/few men show. Am sure he is making some INR 200,000 a month only on Google Adwords/Syndications.

For someone to invest USD 3 Million on the job aggregation market, am not sure. Its most likely some poor HongKong guy investing monies based on a Powerpoint gas shown by some indian who used 2-3 jobsites…[:p] to search for job …hehehe…poor HK guy!


Any idea whether Bixee has been able to generate revenue? I see no sign of any employer featured AD in Bixee.

Recruiters are still preferring Naukri, Monster and others and by having only a vertical search engine, won't be able to change that scenario. Like Bixee, if use host database (Naukri, monster, others) to list job postings and also take up direct recruiter jobs as featured jobs…then I think be it Naukri or any other job portal, they have a reason to protect (and sue) such job vertical search engine. Catch 22

Also did you folks see TimesJobs now adapting "Browse rather than search" mantra :)

It has not yet been proven that search aggregator is pill for all-cure.


If I recall Naukri banned Bixee from spidering their jobs because at that time Bixee was ALSO allowing companies to pay them for job postings and hence Naukri perceived them as a potential competitor to their core business.

I see no reason why Naukri would want to restrict job aggregators. They are potentially a good source of free traffic.

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