Free Vista or Office 2007 DVD: just sit through 3 Microsoft webcasts



I never thought I’d write this, but our "Freeware of the Moment" is Windows Vista Business and Office Professional 2007. Really! You’ll have to sit through three Microsoft webcasts or virtual labs on the products, but that’s a small price to pay considering you’ll actually learn about the software features. There are some relatively minor restrictions, however this is an offer you just can’t refuse. These packages can cost you upwards of $300 or more out-of-pocket, so I’d consider this time well spent.

If you’re interested, hit up Microsoft’s "The Power of Together" site and sit your bottom down through those webcasts! Plan your "class time" wisely because the offer expires on February 28th, 2006 2007.



hey guys if ne1 can give me or tell me where i can get a free copy of vist that would be awesome l8rsx

Oliver Sturm

And of course, and as usual on US sites (sorry), there’s one important piece of information missing from your post: you are only elligible for the offer if you’re in the US.

Nick Wilde

If its not an official Microsoft site and its asking for tax details I’d say it’s a front for ID theft?



Further to the cautionary notes, have a look at Microsoft’s take on the site
“Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

I understand that you would like to know whether powertogether offers Windows Vista and Office 2007 for free. I realize the importance of your issue and appreciate the information that you have provided.

In all likelihood, this software available at Powertogether website is pirated. If you would like to get more information about piracy, we do have a piracy support website that provides information about this serious issue. You can visit this web site at:

We also have a piracy Hotline, which you can reach at 1-800-785-3448 or write to:

I hope the above information is helpful.

Thank you for using Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative”

Davey A in the UK

Wow seemed to good to be true.
I went to look and its only for US, awww..


I think this is Great, but free sounds like scam. Any word on it validitie.

First post, but hit site about 5 times a day. GREAT SITE!!!!


Kevin, I’m not surprised there are tax implications, either. There always are when you get something of value for “free.” Usually, though, it is the “winner’s” responsibility to take care of any taxes.

I’ve never been asked by a web site to submit a W9. That’s something I might expect my employer and financial institutions where I have accounts to ask for, but not some web site giving away “free” software.

Legit or not, that just seems strange to me.

Caveat emptor, I guess.

Kevin C. Tofel

Hey what can we tell you Steve. You snooze and you lose! Just kidding….the deal is still good and I’ve updated the expiration date. Thanks for the catch!

Code E

Hey Kevin,

Are you sure its “February 28th, 2006?” or is it 2007 or maybe even November.

Keep it mobile, Code E

Michael Venini

Somebody on said this a guy in England owns the site. I don’t know if that means anything or not.

Kevin C. Tofel

Scott_H, I believe that’s only if you take advantage of both DVDs (but double-check the offer details to be sure). Considering the value of the package, I’m actually not surprised to the tax implications.


Hmmm, reading the fine print we find that one of the requirements is that you might have to submit a W9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number — i.e., you’ve got to give them your Name and Social Security Number.

Is that “normal” for these kinds of things?

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