FedEx arrives and so does a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 Tablet PC!


Fuitsu_boxI know I teased you earlier today when I mentioned that something was arriving. Good guesses by all and in fact: nice guess by Code E who nailed it! The FedEx truck dropped off the latest slate Tablet PC: a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 with Intel Core Duo processor. I won’t go through all of the specs now; we covered these super-speedy slates one week ago today. Instead, I’ll just post the few pics I had time to take and then I’ll start delving into the product features over the next few days.

As always with any new device worthy of your time, I’ll plan for a video review and overview. And as always, I’ll ask now for what features, functions, and usage sceanrios you’d like to see. I’ll do my best to cover everything I can for you so that this is "our review"; no guarantees that I can cover every possible suggestion…as always. ;) Special thanks to our friends at Allegiance Technology Partners for making the loaner available!

Plenty of horsepower with the Core Duo U2500 CPU, one GB of memory, an 80 GB hard drive plus a fingerprint reader, WiFi and Bluetooth!

You can’t hide in the box! Hmmm…I’ll bet there are accessories in the smaller box; just a guess.

See you can’t hide! Wow, once I break the Fujitsu seal, there’s no turning back.

I call this "self portrait in Style…istic".

I love hardware buttons more than Homer Simpson loves doughnuts.

The money shot: Vista Capable and Core Duo

Last shot for now: the backside is velvety-smooth.



Hi. I was about to order one of this in a few days because of personal reasons; but due to lack of review, I might order a P1610 instead.

I am looking forward to your review in few days (Please finish it asap!) so I can make up my mind whether the extra performance and battery life would be an attractive alternative to the legendary P1610.

Ga - Lin Yar

I was going to purchase the 5032 until I read a blog which pointed out that its been a while & the line was over due for an upgrade, especially since Vista was finally coming out (maybe). I’ve been keeping track of the fujitsu line of tablet’s for a while now waiting for the right time to take the plunge. This seems like it. I’m a paramedic & instuctor who just started some private consulting & teaching. I don’t “properly” type, being just beyond hunting & pecking. I usually use dragon naturally speaking. I almost went with the new sony, especially when I heard about the 30GB flash drive. It does have a certain “cuteness” factor. The screen size killed it (I’ve recently arrived at the point where I need reading glasses). I also like the idea & additional heft of using something resembling a yellow pad (when I’m braining storming I like to pace around rather than sit at a desk). If you can, in your review explain the apparent discrepancy on the fujitsu web site regarding memory 4GB vs the 2GB offered. I suspect it has something to do with the dual channel, but don’t really understand it. Thanks

Paul J Shadwell

This thing looks gorgeous. I was looking at them when I went to the Fujitsu site looking for the P1610. I’m looking for a distributor in Switzerland now but so far it looks like the price is will hinder a purchase. Almost 4000 swiss francs, ouch!


hmm james are you sure you didnt take it out of the box before sending it to kevin? I couldn’t have resisted playing with it.. ;) We want a VIDEO! How about this week? please? pretty please? :D

Tablet PC User

Sweet tablet! Are you going to install Vista RTM on that baby?

I smell a video coming soon right ;0)

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