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Time To Rename The Cell Phone?

The moves by handset manufacturers to rename the devices they make have been generally met with derision, but now BusinessWeek is suggesting that “maybe it’s time to name the ubiquitous gadget something else”.
Even if the word “cellphone” is a misnomer because devices now do so much more than make voice calls, it’s unlikely that companies who’s marketing prowress leads to names like “Nokia 6670” for their products are likely to come up with a viable alternative…I mean, Nokia is still insisting on “multimedia computer” while Samsung is pushing “mobile informational terminal”. Please. (How about Motorola Chief Executive Ed Zander refering to “such gizmos, his own phones included, as “the device formerly known as the cell phone“?)

3 Responses to “Time To Rename The Cell Phone?”

  1. Yes, I think mobile is best, it would certainly make my life easier. I had a bit to say on the subject of journalists, and the fact that there are so many great puns that can be made about "cell phones" in headlines, so they'll miss the word…but I decided against putting it in the post.