SOLD! Samsung Q1 SSD plus accessories for sale

Flash has been sold! Thanks to all who responded.

You are well aware of my affinity for my Samsung Q1 SSD that I have been using for a few months and how capable I find this UMPC for my daily work.  You also no doubt have been following my trial of the Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 Tablet PC over the past few weeks, which has been chronicled here on jkOnTheRun and through various podcasts and videos..  I am now confronted with the decision whether I should keep the Fujitsu or the Q1 and it is a difficult decision indeed.  In the end I have to give the nod to the P1610 for one (OK, two) major advantages for the way I work.  Number one is the inclusion of a PC Card slot on the Fujitsu.  The ability to use my EV-DO service through the PC Card modem has greatly simplified and streamlined my daily work.  While the Q1 can be tethered using my EV-DO enabled phone, the speeds are not quite as fast and it’s just plain easier to do with the PC Card.  The other factor affecting my decision is the high resolution screen of the P1610.  The 1280 x 768 resolution is even higher than the tc1100 and it makes a big difference given all the different functions I use my daily Tablet to do.

The reality is that I cannot afford to keep both the Fujitsu and the Q1 so I thought I’d see if anyone might be interested in picking up the Samsung Q1 SSD at a really good price.  The Q1 SSD is not available in the US unless you go through importers such as iCube.  Here’s the breakdown of what I am offering and the retail price of each:

Samsung Q1 SSD w/ Organizer & keyboard

Samsung Q1 SSD (32 GB flash drive instead of a hard drive)–  ~$2,700

1 GB memory upgrade–  $120

Samsung Q1 Organizer case w/ USB keyboard–  $149

UPDATE:  Transcend 8 GB CF card- $160 (I just realized I don’t have anything that can use this card so I’m throwing it in.)

Total retail value–  ~$3129

I am willing to let the entire lot go for $2,000, the amount I need to put towards the Fujitsu so this is an excellent opportunity for someone to get a lovingly maintained UMPC with a state of the art flash drive, which makes this computer faster than most in its class.  This is the same Q1 used in this massive video review so you can see exactly what you will get prior to purchase.  There are also many posts here that cover the Q1 SSD thoroughly.  I have all the original packing materials and will ship it overnight at my expense to anyone in the US.  I would require payment via PayPal to conduct the transaction.  Serious inquiries only, please email me at jk AT jkontherun DOT com.  I can’t stress enough how fine a device this is and can honestly state that if it had a PC Card slot I would not even consider the switch.  You will find full technical specs (and additional photos) after the jump.

Technical specifications:

Intel Celeron M 900Mhz
1GB DDR2 memory
915GMS Express
128MB Shared Memory
800 x 480 resolution (up to 1024 x 600 as per UMPC specs)
Passive Screen
Array Mic, SRS Sound
Wireless b/g
Compact Flash
AVS Now (Multimedia Instant On)
USB 2.0 x 2
Headphone Output
9.0" x 5.5" x 1.0"
1.7 lbs with Battery Pack
Windows XP Tablet
Standard Battery (up to 3hrs)

Q1 for sale 004

Q1 for sale 001

Q1 for sale 010

Q1 for sale 011

Q1 for sale 012

Q1 for sale 013

Q1 for sale 014


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