I love the smell of leather- Vaja 15″ Messenger Bag delivers


Mobile Tech Manor is awash in the wonderful smell of fine leather as I just received a 15” Messenger bag from Vaja Cases.  I have extolled the virtues of Vaja cases many times in the past and absolutely love their PDA and gadget cases.  Recently Vaja announced a line of Messenger bags, something I had wished they would do for years, and they said they’d send me one to evaluate. It is drop dead gorgeous, the leather is butter smooth, and the craftsmanship is top-notch.  I received the one in black leather with golden ochre accents and you can see from the photos it is absolutely beautiful.  I am surprised how light this bag is, often I find leather bags to be quite heavy when empty but this bag feels as light as a feather.

The bag has a roomy interior compartment without dividers, so you won’t want to throw in a lot of loose gear as it will clang together.  Vaja has put several pockets to alleviate that, however, as there is a zippered pocket inside the bag on the back wall, and two pockets on the front of the bag accessible with the bag opened.  There is another zippered pocket on the outside of the back of the bag that looks perfect for magazines and the like when traveling.  The front flap works like a true messenger bag, no closures, instead the flap just flops over the front of the bag.  This makes it quite easy to get into while wearing the bag, something you expect in a messenger bag.

Vaja has dozens of color combinations so you can order them just the way you like.  This bag has golden ochre accents throughout, there is a stripe on the front of the bag, the inside of the flap is that color in leather embossed with the Vaja name, the front of the bag is in smooth ochre leather with black accents, and the entire main compartment is ochre smooth fabric embossed with the Vaja logo  The strap is a strong ballistic nylon material and is secured to the bag via durable leather fixtures, so I wouldn’t be worried about putting my gear in this bag at all.  It would have been nice to have a handle on top of the bag but the lack of one is not a big thing to me. 

Once again Vaja has proven to me that they are some of the finest leather craftsmen making cases and the addition of messenger bags really makes them shine.  There are three models of the bags available, a Messenger Slim bag, this Messenger 15” reviewed here, and the Messenger 15” Wide which is slightly wider and looks to be more of a brief case size.  Prices start at $220 for the Slim, $380 for the 15” Messenger and $400 for the wide model.  In addition to the color customizations Vaja also offers logo embossing, name engraving, and various hook options that can be added at purchase time.  I sure love the smell of leather!  There are more unboxing photos after the jump:

Unboxing the Vaja Messenger 15” Bag

Vaja bag001 Vaja bag004 Vaja bag007 Vaja bag 002 Vaja bag 005 Vaja bag 006 Vaja bag 008 Vaja bag 009



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