DoCoMo Invests $34.5 Million in Japanese Media Firm Kadokawa

Japanese operator DoCoMo has invested in Kadokawa Group Holdings (a group of companies engaged mainly in publishing or movies/visual content) by buying “1,031,000 shares in the holding company, or 3.78% of total issued shares, for about four billion yen ($34.5 million) through a third-party share allocation on December 12, 2006. Under the agreement, DoCoMo will also tie up with the group companies Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Herald Pictures, Inc., Kadokawa Mobile, Inc., Herald Enterprise, Inc. and Kadokawa Media House Inc.”
As a result the companies will develop mobile content based on Kadokawa movies and animation (including content that will be released to mobile before other media), DoCoMo customers will be able to use its iD mobile credit service for payments at 11 Cineplex theatres, KadoKawa will increase the range of content it distributes via i-mode, and the parties will consider possibilities for DoCoMo to join the film producing project which Kadokawa manages.
Some more details in the release here.

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