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I love the ravenous Mac community. There’s always some rumor flying around, or a contest to mock-up fake products. Simply put, the community made-up of Apple fans is devoted.

Most recently on the list of rumors (again) is a Tablet form-factor unit from Apple. This one’s been around what, 2 years at this point? Seems like forever – just like the iPhone… Anyway, so a Tablet. Gonna happen? Yes. Maybe not right away, but there’s no way it won’t happen at some point in the future. I could see this coming to fruition in 2007, but wouldn’t be much surprised if it weren’t until 2008 even.

My 2 cents on Tablets is that they can be a bit clumsy to use. I like the units that have a docking cradle with a mouse and keyboard attached. Makes portability – and limited use as an actual Tablet sans a real, off screen keyboard – pretty simple, and real work at a desk useful as well, while keeping the bulk and weight down. I mean, really – a tablet should be a tablet, not a convertible that you have to lug around with you.

That said, I’d love to see Apple’s take on it. I’m certain they’ve got some excellent ideas in their collective heads on how to improve the on-the-move tablet-only experience. Hand-writing recognition and some form of software keyboard, or dare I say it, enhanced Speech Recognition will be the keys to making the killer Tablet. If I had my way, there would be some voice plugin for Quicksilver, to compensate for lack of a real keyboard. THAT, would be some sweet action!

Add to that the claims by Smarthouse that the Apple Tablet would be setup to fill a home entertainment and automation role, and my interest is once again piqued, by an otherwise stale rumor. My Airport Express died recently and ‘upgrading’ to a more capable centralized unit like this dream Tablet could be cool. But I can’t hold my breath that long, so I don’t think I will.

How would you use an Apple Tablet?

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I currently use a Toshiba tablet PC for some of my work and reading magazine’s (care of Zinio), RSS feeds, and browsing web sites. If Apple made one I would never have any need to use a Windows PC other then to test designs and maybe play a game or two. My ideal tablet would be (from Apple of course) light and have a long lasting battery, that will allow me to read RSS, browse web sites and use Zinio (or other PDF viewing capabilities) with the occasional drawing/writing thrown in for good measure.


Yup. Keep the existing 17″ iMac design, but make the upper part (tft) removable as a tablet and keep the lower part /w stand as a dock.
Boom. That simple.


Sketch you can have that already (if you have the $$$). There are graphics tablet monitors available, although they are very pricey.


I’m an illustrator. I just wanna draw with the damn thing! Gimme gimme gimme!

Reality Bytes

I wholeheartly agree. A voice activated Quicksilver tablet. Now we are talking some sweeet action!

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