Beatles To Debut Only On iTunes?

The biggest holdout in digital music is coming to digital stores soon, as I reported earlier last month in my interview with David Munns, CEO of EMI north America. Now Fortune reports that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iTunes is close to a deal to bring the Beatles catalog online. Apple is angling to become the exclusive online music store for the Beatles for a limited window of time. Other music stores, such as Microsoft’s MSN and Rhapsody, have courted the Beatles over the years to no avail, but it appears Apple is close to getting first dibs on the band’s hits, the story says.
The story further says that the parties were discussing how lengthy a window of exclusivity iTunes might get and how many tens of millions of dollars Jobs will commit to an advance for the band and marketing costs.
Also being discussed is whether the band would be willing to take two steps at the same time and endorse the iPod by allowing its music to be used in a commercial.
As you know, there’s the Apple vs Apple case, so this truce, if it happens, will be big.


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